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Welcome to the data analysis section of buildingenergygeeks!

This section is a series of tutorials showing what knowledge can be gained from records of energy consumption, weather data, ambient measurements… The point is to make building energy data analysis accessible to those, like myself, who do not necessarily have a strong background in statistics and data science.

The main sections can be seen on the sidebar:

  • Energy performance assessment are examples of common statistical models, applied to understanding the energy use of buildings.
  • State-space models are a popular model structure for simplified thermal modelling of buildings, and a powerful tool for the analysis of time series data. Four tutorials gradually show their operation and potential.
  • Material characterisation shows examples of inverse problems for material characterisation, or the reconstruction of boundary conditions.

This website will grow as I add sections and content. I am open to suggestions and discussion on this matter: you can join the discussion on the forum.

You can also read more about the author here.